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21st Century Study Skills provides superior research-based, life-changing study skills training workshops for teachers and students based on a revised and updated version of SQ3R, which has been considered to be the 'father of all How-to-Study programs' for the past 80 years. Improve the teaching effectiveness of your staff and increase student success by equipping your staff with pedagogical  skills they did not learn in college. Your teachers can begin implementing these invaluable study skills with their students and boost academic results immediately. By teaching students how to improve their Cognitive Thinking Skills and build stronger foundations for this time-tested and proven-effective learning process they will gain higher levels of confidence and achieve their full academic potential in school and life. Everyone benefits when students succeed academically: students, teachers, administrators, parents, schools, and communities. To better understand how these life-long learning skills will impact your students please read the student testimonials on our Testimonials page. 

SEL: Educate the 'whole student' with our time-tested and proven 2-hour interactive seminar on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), also referred to as Character Education. It's research-based for more than fifty years and we have been using it in the classroom for more than 15 years with outstanding success. Well-founded research by many reputable sources, indicates good character education improves social and emotional competencies as well as academic performance. Once trained, your staff can begin using these techniques immediately with students to build the motivation and attitudinal foundation they need to achieve higher academic and personal success. Plus, we will show your teachers how to make it relevant to the students and maintain and enhance the positive momentum of SEL throughout the year and beyond.  Please click on the SEL link above to learn more about the course, including an outline and performance objectives. 

We fully guarantee the effectiveness of our training programs. They can be customized for the following audiences:

  • Elementary & Secondary Teachers (Grades 5-12: Professional Development Workshops; Improve Teaching Effectiveness and Increase Student Success Rates, Prepare Students for Success After High School)
  • Students (Grades 5-12: Learn How to Achieve Greater Academic Success; Excellent for all students, especially High Needs, At-Risk SPED, Disabled, Economically Disadvantaged, and  Minorities. Close Achievement Gaps and help Advanced Placement students improve note-taking skills. 
  • College Teachers & Students (TRIO, UpWard Bound, Gateway/Pathway, Dual-Enrollment, Close Achievement Gaps, Increase Retention & Graduation Rates, and Reduce Dropout Rates)
  • Government Training Programs (Police, Corrections, Fire, Homeland Security, National Guard)
  • Workforce Training Programs (All industries; Insurance, Real Estate, Law, High-Tech, Biotech)

The importance of 21st Century Study Skills cannot be over emphasized. Everyone can benefit from this invaluable training and take their education to a higher level no matter how successful they already are. It's the major driving force behind academic and personal success. Insure your students achieve and exceed their full academic potential in high school and make smoother transitions into higher education and demanding careers. The diagram below shows the importance of successful study skills in the pursuit of academic and personal success but does not show other important attributes achieved along the way such as; academic scholarships and recognition, personal satisfaction, less stress, more confidence, plus academic leadership and motivation to pursue their dreams.

Academia Chart


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Stop Struggling in School.
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Especially beneficial for students in: Grades 7-12 and College

Achieve the following important educational objectives:
  • Improve Teacher Effectiveness with New Teaching Skills Your Staff Did Not Learn in College
  • Empower Students to Achieve their Full Academic Potential in School
  • Prepare Students for Greater Success in College and Career
  • Maximize the Academic Impact of your Grade 7-12 Program of Studies
  • Increase Honor Roll, Retention and Graduation Rates
  • Reduce Costly Chronic Absenteeism and Dropping Out
  • Transform High Needs, At-Risk Students into Success Stories
  • Achieve Educational Equity in Your Multi-Cultural District
  • Close Specific Achievement Gaps in Your Student Enrollment
  • Improve State-Wide Performance & Accountability Scores
  • Provide Greater ROI to the Taxpayers Funding Education
  • Boost Confidence and Motivate Unmotivated Students
Your Grades Will Soar

21st Century Study Skills Teaching & Learning Strategies Based on SQ3R Transforming Lives!