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Posted July 17th, 2023

Due to many inquiries and requests from Educators all over the world who want to learn more about the history, benefits and functionality of SQ3R teaching and learning methods, I welcome you to join a new Public Group called ‘21st Century Study Skills based on SQ3R’. This group is for educators that have used SQ3R-based teaching and learning strategies, as a student or teacher, and those that have not but are interested in learning more about the ‘father of all how-to-study strategies’ and how it evolved into SQ4R during the last 80 years. This will be a common place for posting relevant compositions about good pedagogical practices and strategies, ask questions about effective teaching and learning methods and exchange information about ways to increase student academic and personal success. Thank you for considering to join and please feel free to post helpful relevant information for group consumption and/or ask questions about the benefits of using SQ3R. The URL to the new Public Group is:


Other advantages to joining ‘21st Century Study Skills based on SQ3R’ include links to my website where you will learn more about the history of SQ3R and how the addition of computer technology and ‘whole brain’ memory techniques have elevated it into a new, updated and revised version that is even more effective now in; improving teaching effectiveness, increasing student success, closing achievement gaps, improving classroom management, and reducing dropping out and chronic absenteeism. If you are trying to boost student confidence and self-esteem, help your students achieve higher levels of academic performance, make smoother transitions into college and demanding careers, and become better life-long learners and more productive members of society, this Group is for you.  


When you join, you will also have access to the academic content for my Teacher and Student Workshops (including SEL), a video tutorial library explaining how to perform each step of the SQ4R teaching and learning strategy, an opportunity to download my proprietary Study Skills Needs Self-Survey with scoring instructions, dozens of real ‘life changing’ testimonials by students trained on SQ4R, and a robust BLOG of relevant educational postings by me to LinkedIn during the last three years.


I look forward to seeing you in the Group, encourage your participation and contributions, and please do not hesitate to ask me any questions about ‘21st Century Study Skills based on SQ3R’ and/or any other questions you have about teaching effectiveness, student improvement and classroom management. Thank you, Bob Goss


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